Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Why Hafsah

Why Hafsah, people ask. 

Muslim role model.

I’ve always wanted a simple two syllable name for my children. But I also want my children’s names to be an opportunity to educate others on muslim role models that are less known in our society.  So whilst looking for a name for my daughter, I read the Prophet Muhammad saw’s seerah, trying to look for an unpopular female companion’s name. The names were either too long, too common, or merely kunyas (ummu ___). So I moved on to read the history of the khilafahs, looking for a female figure that made major contributions for Islam. But they were mostly a repeat of the prophet’s companions’ names!

The quran keeper.

And then I stumbled upon the story of how hafsah was given the honor to ensure the safekeeping of the then written-but-not-yet-compiled mushaf. This was because she memorizes Allah’s verses very well – something I have always wanted for my own children! The fact that she was the quran keeper was new to me.  I then looked into Hafsah’s lifestory, and found out that she was THE prophet saw’s wife that was referred to in surah attahrim.

Humane personality.

I immediately fell in love. Hafsah did what she did (in surah at-tahrim) due to jealousy, which I find really humane. A personality that I can relate to, as I am occasionally an emotional wife (lol), and I make mistakes every single day. She is a beloved person to Allah as an ummulmu’mineen, but she has emotions, and she made a mistake (which I do so often everyday). Jibreel even testified to the Prophet saw that Hafsah is such an obedient servant to Allah, always fasting, praying, and gives sadaqah. All these show that even as an imperfect human being, we can gain Allah’s pleasure. It shows the rahmah of Allah, and how we just need to pray hard to attain it, biiznillah.

Hafs means lion.

Hafs is also ‘Umar radhiyallahu’anhu’s kunya, he was called Abu Hafs. Sheikh Google even states that this nickname of ‘Umar does not even have any relations to his daughter’s name, but was referring to his fierce personality. Allahua’lam.

So by naming my precious first daughter Hafsah, I pray that she will be as fierce as a lion in fighting for Allah’s cause, keeps Allah’s verses in her heart, and contribute to the ummah in her own way. Aameen.

p/s: From day 1 of life, the nurses and other people claimed that my baby is so garang with her extremely loud crying, and serious facial features. Indeed a name is a du’aa eh? :D

p/p/s: Only much later an ukhti pointed out that Atiqah was the name of Hafsah bint Umar’s mother (i.e. Umar radhiyallahu’anhu’s wife). I didn’t realize that connection previously. So sayang, we have bonded since 1400 years ago!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cloth diapering

The more reasons to use cloth diapers. I was not confident in the beginning, hence bought very minimal number of newborn cloth diapers. Among the reasons not to use clothdiapers were: 

-Laundry sedia ada pun terkejar2, nak tambah lagi amount of laundry we have to do? 

-And risau mcm mana nak basuh poop of breastfed babies (known to be very liquidy and err explosive). 

So we still bought disposable diapers, just in case.

Tapi once kelengkapan materialnya sudah cukup (hafsah fits her onesized dipes yang memang ada jumlah yang cukup), memang jatuh cinta. Never looked back again.

Kesimpulan: kadang kita kedekut nak invest into something takut tak istiqamah. Tapi sebenarnya, dengan adanya kecukupan materi, inshaallah akan meniadakan alasan untuk kita berpaling ke belakang.

Friday, March 6, 2015



My parents made it a point to meet their sons in laws and interview each of them before we (my sister and I) even proceed with our taaruf. Well, mestilah kan nak kenal. But in my husband’s first meeting with my parents, he was briefed about my younger brother, ammar (from now on will be addressed as ‘our muzakkir’).

Back then I felt that it was unnecessary, I was even slightly embarrassed as I thought that my parents gave out too much information, as our muzakkir is a private family matter. I believed that my parents are inshaAllah going to live a long life, and we will discuss about his carer later on in life.

Oh boy I was so wrong. Now that muzakkir’s izzues are escalating, it becomes apparent that he is one of the major factors in every decision we make, such as where we choose to live, daerah for tarbiyyah, etcetera. Which obviously are something the husbands have to accommodate to as well. All praise to Allah for granting my sister and I very understanding and accommodating husbands. Alhamdulillah. Our muzakkir, is, after all, our sibling.

My parents were right after all, there are some matters you just have to clarify before marriage.

Ummu Hafsah.

p/s: My office carried out a language assessment test. And the result for my writing component was far from outstanding. I have to start writing again to brush up my flair for writing, inshaAllah.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sekejap je


"kat dunia ni, semuanya ok.. tak ada yang tak ok.. sbb dunia hanya sementara.. sekejap je. kat akhirat, barulah benda yang tak ok benar-benar tak ok" - z
bila di timpa musibah, ucap 'innalillahi wa inna ilaihi roji'un'. Itu yang kita diajarkan di dalam al-Quran. Mengingatkan diri, dari Allah kita datang, kepada Allah itu kembali. Kenapa?

Kerana memang kesusahan dan kesedihan dunia, hanya sekejap. Sekejap je.

Allah bertanya, "berapa tahunkah lamanya kamu tinggal di bumi?"
Mereka menjawab, "Kami tinggal (di bumi) sehari atau setengah hari, maka tanyakanlah kepada orang-orang yang menghitung."
Allah berfirman, "Kamu tidak tinggal (di bumi) melainkan sebentar sahaja, kalau kamu sesungguhnya mengetahui." - Surah Al-mu minuun, 112-114

Sebab, akhirat itu jauh lebih lama.

Sesungguhnya sehari di sisi Tuhanmu adalah seperti seribu tahun menurut perhitunganmu. - Surah Al-Haj, 47

Malaikat-malaikat dan Jibril naik (menghadap kepada Tuhan) dalam sehari yang kadarnya lima puluh ribu tahun.  - Surah Al-Maarij, 4

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

sebab untuk hidup


There was this one guy from John Howard Society, a rehab center. He heard about Sowing for Jobs (a sewing for employment program), then went to his councillor and asked his councillor to sign him up.

Selepas ujian kemasukan, ternyata program instructor memasukkan beliau ke dalam kelas intermediate, walau dia belum pernah memegang mesin jahit. Jelas instructor, melihatkan semangat dan ketekunan, dia yakin pemuda ini boleh pergi jauh.

Bila saya ke JHS atas beberapa urusan, councillor beliau memberitahu saya, dia sudah minta sewing machine from the rehab center dan memulakan beberapa projek peribadi. Maka dia bertanya, peserta SfJ memang sudah ada homework ke? Saya menjawab, mana ada. Kelas pun belum bermula.

And now he has graduated from the intermediate level class. Determination leads to success peeps. Dari drugs/alcohol/whatever problem tak bersemangat nak hidup, kepada proactive belajar dan practice tanpa disuruh. Kesan tujuan dlm kehidupan dan self determination. Sangat mengkagumi semangat beliau.

Here is a picture from graduation day, he was wearing a hoodie he made himself. And he was proud.

Maka di saat kita longlai, lemah semangat, dan terasa hendak futur, carilah kembali tujuan kita berada di sini, tujuan kita lakukan apa yang sedang kita perjuangkan, dan sebagainya. Semoga ketemu himmah  dan motivasi kembali.

P/s: To learn more abt ecoequitable, visit their fb page or website. They have just launched a new boutique too.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Counting my blessings, 93

Counting my blessings.


Your Lord has not taken leave of you, nor has He detested (you)
And the Hereafter is better for you than the first (life)
And your Lord is going to give you, and you will be satisfied.
Did He not find you an orphan and give (you) refuge?
And He found you lost and guided (you),
And He found you poor and made (you) self-sufficient.
Quran, Surah 93.

Credit: Photographer MASAT, jzkk.
Allah affirm dengan ayat-ayat Nya alquran, juga ayat-ayatNya kekuasaan dan tanda-tanda.
Maka di waktu sukar, di waktu tidak pasti, nikmat Tuhan yang manakah yang engkau dustakan?
Tuhanmu tidak meninggalkanmu, dan Ia tidak benci (kepadamu) !
Optimislah, dan berharaplah.

Banyak sangat urusan kita, yang dahulu sangat berdoa siang dan malam di tunjukkan jalan, di permudahkan, di percepatkan. Dan Allah tunjukkan, Allah permudahkan, Allah benarkan. Malah memberi berlebihan lagi.
Dan sesungguhnya kesudahan keaadaanmu adalah lebih baik bagimu daripada permulaannya

Dahulu sangat berdoa siang dan malam mahu mengenal medan dakwah, medan tarbiyah.
Allah tunjukkan, berikan peluang.
Bukankah dia mendapati engkau yatim piatu, lalu la memberikan perlindungan?
Dan didapatiNya engkau mencari-cari (jalan yang benar), lalu Ia memberikan hidayah petunjuk 

Dahulu sangat menangis berharap di berikan peluang mendapat tajaan untuk belajar di negara terbaik.
Allah letakkan, di bumi yang terindah, aman damai, elaun lebih dari cukup.
Dan didapatiNya engkau miskin, lalu Ia memberikan kekayaan?

Dan sesungguhnya Tuhanmu akan memberikanmu (kejayaan dan kebahagiaan di dunia dan di akhirat) sehingga engkau reda – berpuas hati. 


Monday, February 24, 2014

menjadi supir di bumi hoki ais


Di sini, setiap kali cuaca memburuk, pasti akan sangat banyak kemalangan. Pernah ketika snowstorm, kami melihat kira-kira 10 treler terkeluar daripada hwy 401 (semuanya single vehicle accident). incident lain, lebih 10 kereta juga terkeluar dari jalan kerana terspin. hampir semuanya, pemandu akan keluar dari kenderaan dengan selamat.

di sini juga, jarak antara bandar sangat jauh, 4-5 jam perjalanan adalah biasa.  tiadakah pemandu mengantuk atau cuai sebab penat? RnR dahlah tak banyak, pakai autocruise pula, tidakkah berbahaya?

sangat-sangat jarang ada kemalangan melibatkan kematian (atau sebab kurang laporan?). kemalangan yang fatalities less than 5 pun, akan jadi berita besar berminggu-minggu sebab rare.

abah, bila drive di sini, pointed out why. jalan di sini lebar. hampir pasti, setiap route ada emergency lane sebagai ruangan tambahan jika pemandu ter swerve dan sebagainya.

tekstur lane itu juga bergerigi, akan berbunyi kuat apabila bergesel dengan tayar. jika pemandu mengantuk sekalipun, jika termasuk lane itu, pasti akan terus segar kembali.

di kiri kanan jalan, kebiasaannya ada 'longkang' besar, dipenuhi rumput-rumput atau snow. kereta yang kemalangan pasti akan termasuk dalam longkang tersebut, maka kemalangan berhenti sendiri tanpa melibatkan pengguna lain.

dan mungkin, tidak dapat tidak, sikap pemandu di sini. pernah seorang rakan tersilap arah jalan di simpang empat (tidak biasa dengan left hand drive), pemandu dari semua arah berhenti dan memberi jalan untuk kami u-turn.

di highway, pemandu yang kurang laju pula, dengan sangat sopan akan menukar ke lane perlahan jika ternampak ada kereta yang lebih laju di belakangnya, biarpun dia memandu kereta mewah.

kita mungkin tak mampu meniru design jalan kerana geografi tanah air kita, dan tak semua mampu membeli kereta yang safety features extremely selamat, tapi kita boleh meniru sikap dan tingkah laku?

disclaimer: mungkin hanya benar di bandar yang pemandunya sopan. downtown montreal dan downtown toronto mungkin tidak termasuk dalam kategori ini.

p/s: pengalaman june 2010 - february 2014. credit card dah tamat tempoh. tidak boleh lagi menyewa kereta.