Friday, April 27, 2007


hm.around 3 months ago,i lost my wallet in an aeroplane,during my flight to jawa.luckily ade technician yg jmpe.btw,a month aftr dat brulaa i get back my wallet snce i was in jawa 4 28 the wallet was my bankcard,identification card and a few more important things.and ofcourse,a lot of money since i was on my way for a long travel.i lost around rm400 jugaklaa.but the money that i put in a hidden compartment in the wallet was the time i was so sad.but ofcourse we couldnt say anything to the technician who returned my wallet since theres a big chance he found it after the real thief did.besides that we truly believed that it wasnt him who took my money since what is the purpose he took the hassle to try and locate me?
but then,a bigger problem has just come to the surface.ambank keep on calling me saying that i have a car loan that is not paid and i owe the bank first,baba and i thought he got the wrong number.sebab dah lama dia x baba did not take any action.but then today the bank called again,and when i picked up the phone,the person hung up.when i called back the number,it was a general line at ambank.hurm.ummi is worried to death that someone used my ic to apply for a loan,and since i did not report to the police for my once missing wallet,i cant prove that someone has been illegally using my ic.entahlaa..just tawakkal to Allah and hope it is just another person trying to mess up with my life by making some prank calls.entahlah.

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