Saturday, April 28, 2007

bukn sekdr blog~

hm.met this blog of a senior of mine.his blog title was as stated~bukan sekadar really made me think.seriously.since the reason i created this blog pon was just to jot down what im thinking all these while,and to let go my feelings.dont want to just bottle it inside like i always did.but then,when i think about it,it seems like x berfaedah kan? this blog doesnt have any meaning lah ye?to me,ofcourse it means a lot,but it doesnt give any benefit to the readers,except that they could have a peek at my private life.hurm,will stop bloggiong for a while to think of your status mr blog!!maybe nak cerai talak 3 ke..eheh...yeah,i know,the easiest solution is to make my entries more beneficialla,but then that will take me some time to write,since i dont write articles that good.**thinking**


  1. pengalaman yang same ana penah rasai.. setelah seketika ana buat blog ana sentiasa terfikir untuk menulis sesuatu yang bermanfaat untuk org everyday ana akan cube cari sesuatu yang bermanfaat dalam hidup untuk dikongsi bersama pembaca...hehe penat gak fikir..sbb setiap ape yang tertulis di blog ni adalah dari hati kita..dan setiap yang tercoret menggambarkan siapa diri kita..keperibadian lastly ana buat keputusan to create 2 blogs.. satu khas untuk my friends n family...all about me..yg ni ana prvt kan..satu lagi untuk umum..all about life...yang ni mmg 'world'...hhahaa

  2. atiqahmohammadkhuzainiMay 1, 2007 at 12:00 AM igt xnk privatekan..sbb nanti org mls nk view.eheh..