Thursday, April 26, 2007

miXed feelings

5 minutes ago,umi said to me~kalau umi mati esok cik amek accounting ye?urgh..sedey yg amat.i dunno y lately im feeling REALLY sensitive.ntahlaa.rse cm nak nangis je kwn2 lain pergi emi..nak sgt2 pergi sbnrnye.smlm merayu dkt umi sbb last dftr smlm.but umi said duduklaa kat rmh same.asyik kluar je.hari tu dah duduk bangi sebuln,then jawa sebuln, u asked for things non stop.x berhenti desak umi n baba.urgh.but then I can still accept la what she says,since it is somewhat,it is 200% true. Nowadays, everyday pon keluar. mmg nak mintak anything pon dah rase seba,this is the reason I cant wait utk msuk matrix or memane univ.there,I don’t hv to ask anyone’s permission to leave the house.dont get me wrong,its just I feel bad every time nak mintak permission keluar since I will get away with the home chores,such as looking after Ammar n aby.especially during the weekends since ummi kerja on certain Saturdays and every is unfair to amad who have to cover for me.
Certain of my friends pulak being so not understanding,they said ala,xkan nak pergi program pon ur mum x kasi?ade jugak yg baik n they said:pujuklaa bebaik n doakn I succeed in talking ummi into entahlaa..the first group of friends is what I call demanding friends.tension sih..
Haha..the most interesting thing is,umi likes to change her mind at the last minute.just 5 minutes ago umi said do u still want to go to EMI?golaa if u want to.try and ask wether u can just walk in tomorrow to register-which is tomorrow morning!!n the registeration is closed yesterday!!-argh,tension.
Tadi pun x dapat pergi usrah at k bib’s house since umi and baba came home,there is nobody to send me I feel like locking up myself in my own small world without having to deal with anyone at all.senang cerita kan?well,that is what u call running away from problems right?hurm.if only I could do that.i know that it will not solve my problem,but atleast I can put my mind at rest.lalalala~

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