Saturday, April 28, 2007

section 14

Hm.tadi gi umah my grandprents kat section 14.
after asar prayer,tokwaji called me over and asked me to read an article which is in Arabic,and ofcourse with no was a very long2 time since we last did that.dulu,when I was still in alamin,everytime we see each other he would test me if I could read his arabic novels and magazines.since I excel in my Arabic,I usually not only could read but also translate those articles.but after 2 years of not studying Arabic,I kinda forget all my vocabs,and I didn’t even passed reading the first paragraph.he was kinda disappointed and what he said was”oh,so now my Arabic is better than urs”uhu~the truth is, I felt ashamed since the last time tokwaji learnt Arabic is when he was 17,and now he is 76!and as for me?i only tinggal my Arabic for 2 years!not an excuse anymore,is it?hm..i must gilap balik my Arabic.ummi suggested that I take double major in syariah and accounting and pursue a career in Islamic banking which has a wide job opportunites.then,I could continue taking Arabic.hurm,tokwaji was very happy to hear that suggestion.while baba suggested that i take both law and syariah and become a syariah it is,I WILL continue improving my Arabic one way or another.and I hope I would have the time to show it to tokwaji.i sayang my tokwaji and tok so0o0 much.
ha,be4 i forget,some people did ask me why i put my hometown as pj,and my answer is,it is like a second home to me since i spent many years of my childhood with tok.satisfied with the answer?

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