Saturday, May 5, 2007


Yesterday, on my way back to terminal putra,on the LRT.i was thinking by myself when suddenly a group of blinds entered the frame.uhu~they were secondary school students,there are 5 blind girls,with one normal eyesight boy looking after them.his nametag reads as mohd faiz.eheh.yg hampehnya,men yg tgh duduk semua buat tak paham and didn’t move an inch from their seats.luckily,there’s one woman who was kind enough to give one of the blinds a is kinda very unkind for them to do that.just imagine,you are in the dark,and the train is like teroleng2.but then,a few stations after that,somehow the men finally understood the signal from the people around them,so they gave their seats to the last.the boy lead them to the seats,without touching the girls.he used their walking stick to bring them to the seats.(I didn’t think of that since their sticks were folded)by the way,it was just like what pak udi and his friends did masa outbound kat bogor.whenever necessary,they pull akhawat out of the water by giving us a stick to hold on and pull.or else,if the time doesn’t allow them to find a stick,they will just grab our lifejacket and pull us out.u can see the beauty of islam is UNTRUE what the kuffars says,that islam is burdening it’s believers.
Back to the story.the kids were so independent.being blind didn’t stop them from going to school on their own, and taking a public transport yang biasanya quite crowded afterschool.i actually wanted to stop kejap at alpha angle wangsa maju to buy something I wanted for such a long long time and yet delaying buying.uhuh.yg bestnya,the kids pun turun at the same I get to watch them menyelit2 nak exit the train.the boy walked at the front,and they kinda make a line and holding on to org depan’s bag.all of them did not use their sticks,except for the boy who used it as a sign that he’s walking a group of blinds~that is my guess lah.
Even in this kind of case,they still can jaga their pergaulan.they certainly deserve my respect.tabik spring!
p/s:the item I wanted to baought were sold out already.hahahahar to me.


  1. huu..menarik tol..
    bagus nye dak tu..
    and respek gak kat dorang..
    ku slalu gak jd dilema dalam tren..ptt kasi ke x seat aku..
    tp..kalo for the blinds sure kasi aa..
    ku x sure bile tgk orang dewasa..much older.. tp..nmpk cam sehat..
    so..ku pon x bagi duduk..patut x??
    ke x patut?? huhuh..blur..

  2. Blind, takpe.. Blinded by love..tak boleh.lorh. teringat satu quote ni: love is blind but if you are blind, how are you going to find love.