Wednesday, May 2, 2007

how i love reading!!~

My current interest is to read novels online or some people call it e-novel.i just read one story on syah(a girl),kaduk, and another boy named mar iskandar.the starting of the novel was quite boring I guess,and when I first read it I thought it was just another malay-love conflict.but then as I continue reading(especially when they further their studies in japan),the story is really interesting that it affects me until now.
By the way, I usually choose novels based on the me,this is understandable since every author have their own style of writing and when readers like that particular style of writing,it causes them to like the story automatically.for example,liana afiera malik usually name her characters with very unique names, (such as larasati aisya,tengku ain yohanna, and many more)and normally her main characters are rich but not arrogant and obedient to islam.for ramlee awang mursyid,he usually name his characters with simple names,and the main characters come from poor families.
However,this kaduk-syah story written by rnysa,(the title is relevenkah aku dihatimu,aka RADHA) is the only story written by her that fulfills my taste.for what reason,I cant explain.

Theres another story,the title is seindah mawar berduri if im not mistaken,which is another famous Islamic enovels.but then,the story is a BIT too unrealistic(FOR ME).the main character is too perfect that her ikhtilat is really terjaga and truly perfect.i know that that is the kind of pergaulan that what we’re supposed to impose in our life,but,hm,ntahlaa..just another lame excuse from me I guess.

On the other hand,RADHA suggested the same kind of batas2 pergaulan,but the main character(nurul akasyah or syah) who came from a sekolah kebangsaan,and doesn’t wear tudung labuh still fails to meet that standard.she could imply it to her relationship with other men,but not with kaduk who is her bestfriend since her schooldays,before she learnt about the rules in pergaulan.both syah and kaduk eventually learn more about islam when they continue their studies oversea.Friends around them whom are naqibah naqibs play their role by giving full moral support and useful advices.

Currently,im reading anovel written by a man I think(based on his knowledge on skaters) at this link
By the way,the link for radha is , in case anyone is interested.


  1. salam.. ha'ah ana setuju...mmg kite tngk mcm tak releven to be a perfect person dlm citer tu...tak kene dlm realiti kehidupan sebenar masy.sekarang..tapi bayangkan kalau ia boleh diwujudkan dlm masy. kita...ooooh indahnya hidup dengan islam...

  2. lambakan novel di pasaran. tgk ketebalannya pun rase cam tak sanggup nak baca. takut tersangkut. siksa. hehe.. although i really looove reading like you do. buku2 islami yg bkn berbentuk novel byk dlm almari kat bawah. time habis spm dulu smangat nak baca sume. tp sampai skrg baru belek sikit2 je.
    Seindah Mawar Berduri.. mmg a bit unrealistic. Skip to Mutiara Hati.. at the beginning it was very good. tp skrg pelik yg amat.hehe.kite pun konfius..kamu ini menyampaikan yg haq atau yg batil? cam same je.hoho.
    Um..hope to read the ones you were suggesting indirectly here. Btw just finished Pudarnya Pesona Cleopatra by pengarang Ayat-Ayat Cinta (Habibur rahman el-shirazy). i give four thumbs up (including yg kaki punye) lorh. it's really worth reading ;)
    tgh tunggu bila cik hatori nak terbitkan novelnya sendiri^_^