Saturday, May 5, 2007

without commitment

This afternoon i watched wild hogs.cerita yg xde motif bak kata my ex-roommate,sya who quoted from her sister's.eheh~by the way,some of my friends who are also spm leavers rasa their life sekarang macam bosan sebab macam xde tujuan hidup,and cannot wait to get back to the studying life,where you do have some responsibles and also tujuan hidup as ummi calls it.ngeheh~
okey, my point here is,NORMAL human beings will feel their life meaningless when they have no responsibilities,konon2 nak hidup as free as the birds,with no single rules, tapi xde far as I know,one day,akhirnya they will tie themselves to a commitment or an occupation.this is what I learnt from watching the wonder that story seems to have no motive since the characters in it pon konon2 nak have a free life,without anyone bothering by going on a roadtrip.the trip was supposed to have no rules and plans..just follow the flow.but the truth is,they have to keep on reminding their friends that the roadtrip is supposed to be without rules.however,I do believe that once in a while we have to go on a vacation with no commitment or whatsoever to give your soul a rest.uhu~
Same goes to us,as muslims.islam may be full of rules and regulations.but as I have said before,our fitrah memang is to obey rule and having commitment and responsibilities.and as for the vacation to rest our souls,I believe solat is the that period of approximately 5 minutes,there is only you and your CREATOR, with no one interrupting, kan kan?and as for the pergaulan in islam, the rules are clear.however,I think it makes us freer since we don’t have to complicate our minds by involving in such so-called love relationship.again,this is MY point of view,and this is a democracy country.ngeheh.

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  1. I agree with you about vacation of the soul - in the period of 5 minutes or so, it's only you and Allah.
    yep yep.. Ingat Allah apabila berhadapan dgn segalanya. Lupakan segalanya bila berhadapan dgn Allah.
    tak dpt bayangkan camne kalau tak blh nak sembah Allah. terseksa jiwa raga menderita..