Saturday, June 16, 2007

choose six.ONLY

List of subjects.choose six ONLY.
Analysing current economic issues
Introduction to international business
Organizational studies
principles of financial accounting
challenge and change in society
individuals and family in diverse society
canadian and world issues- ageographical analysis
canadian and international law
world history:the west and the world
computer and information science
mathematics of data management
advanced functions and introductary calculus
geometry and discrete mathematics
english literature

sigh~this is when chemistry and physics looks so easy and tempting.huk3..
will ask some senpais advice in this.tapi siapa senpai ICPU yang kukenal?for now,NONE.hahahaha
nasihat senior final year uitm:jgn amek accounting.haha
[but if amek accountng i can hv free tuition wat.^_^]
subjek wajib:chemistry N physics[OFCOURSE],advanced functions and introductary calculus, geometry and discrete mathematics

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