Friday, July 6, 2007

blocked mind

copy-pasted from mr. idham's blog.
his ideas are interesting!~
I can think of three ways how our mind can be blocked.
1. One is blocked by a gap. One can't proceed further because the road runs out *Jalan mati*. One needs to find more road or to construct a bridge. This is equivalent to having to generate more information or to find out by experimenting.

2. Another is blocked by there being something in the way *Pokok tumbang di tengah jalan*. Here there is a definite obstacle which bars progress. In order to go on, one has to find a way of removing the obstacle or getting around it. This is about concentrating one's effort in finding alternative options *U-Turn and detour or cut the branches of tree just enough to clear a path for the car to pass through*

3.The least obvious is blocked because there is nothing in the way.The road is open and clear, so one shoot right pass the small junction without even noticing that it was there. Here a particular way of looking at things leads one to miss a better way of looking at them. Because the first way is adequate, one does not consider that there might be a better way - let alone look for it.
We become a creature of habits!

The third type of block is what happens when one is block by the adequate, blocked by the openness, blocked by perceived success!. Trying to avoid this type of block requires lateral thinking - an open mind and open attitude with a good sprinkles of humility. A balance between self confidence and steadfastness versus being inquisitive and challenging self for continuous learning can help.
I welcome you to join me in finding a shorter cut of your own lives. A new way of looking at things - not necessarily better, but definitely new.

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  1. third one is true.. but there are times when we do try to look for other better roads, our mind is still blocked.. probably by the 2 other mind blockers..