Saturday, August 4, 2007

Muslim youth in the West

copy pasted~
to my brothers n sisters who soon
gonna fly their wings to d west~
Ma'at taufiq,inshaAllah.

Respect is due to the Muslim youth
Living in the west
Amidst the corruption and Liberal filth

Still true to the game
No sell out
Still Muslims

Just holding onto Islam
Is like holding a hot piece of coal
As foretold by the Prophet
You may stumble
But you refuse to fall for their lies
And become an atheist like them
No religion, No God
Just following desires
And doing what they want
Like the beasts in the jungle

Although you free mix
And got the pics
As a trophy
You know your limits
And refuse to take your girl friends
Preserving her chastity
For her husband only

You may go clubbing and partying
But you refuse to drink
And get drunk
Lose control of your mind
And do things people later regret
Not even a sip
Maintaining your Islamic identity
While the non-Muslims give you funny
Thinking that youre a fundamentalist
and what the hell is he in a club for?
Maybe to blow himself up
But you dont care
For their stares

Coz you know who you are
And not a damn kuffar

So respect is due to you
For holding onto Islam

You do haram knowing its wrong
While the non-Muslim things its right
You have intention to stop one day
While the non-Muslim think
Drinking, clubbing, sleeping around
Is what life is all about

You go to jummah and bow your head in
ruku and sajdah
And make long duas and cry as you
For the times that you spent
With women and in bad places
As you turn your face to Mecca
While that very evening
Your desires lead you westwards
Following the crowd

But I respect you
For being true
To Islam
Not selling out and apostatising

You have good intentions
You fast and pray sometimes
More during Ramadan
Coz of the Islamic atmosphere around
Although when u break your fast
U have a member of the opposite sex by
your side
Sometimes, but I guess
Society affects us all in some way or

Would it not be better for all of us
to live in an Islamic society?
Where the rules were from the Quran
and Sunnah
And it would be easy to follow Islam
Just like in this society its easy to
follow non-Islam.

You are proud to be Muslim
And keep your Islamic name
And feel no shame
In writing Islam as your religion
And Muslim as your identity
In university and job applications

Although you know
That to be a Muslim nowadays
Means youre discriminated against
Security checks and suspicion
Pressure to show that youre a moderate
And not a fundamentalist

You feel the pain
As the bombs rain
Upon your brothers and sisters
In far off places
You feel angry with those Muslims who
have sold out
And work for the west
In the armies and other jobs
Which aid the killing and shedding of
Muslim blood

You are to be congratulated
For having
An Islamic section on your website
Among all the impropriety and sin

May Allah guide you and protect you
Coz it wasnt your fault
That u were born and grew up in a
With so much fitna and temptations
Where its hard to practice Islam
And be a good Muslim

Maybe one day
As you get older
And mature in your thinking
Islam in your life may be bolder
More than fasting in Ramadhan and
And you will devote your time and
For the pleasure of Allah your creator


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