Saturday, August 4, 2007

spirituality vs religiosity

Spirituality VS Religiosity.
This topic was one of the subtopics presented by Dr Harlina Halizah hj Siraj during my stay at Raudhah Camp, Pangkor Island.

When she first talked about it, I do not have any thoughts on this matter.
However, this had changed after I heard what Mr. B, my lecturer, has to say on this matter. Mr. B is a free thinker. He practices any religion according to his mood. As for his daughter, he never introduces her to any religion as he wants her to choose her own belief.
Spirituality is an internalization of positive values. For example, Mr. B who is an atheist is very active in social works. He collected Rm7, 000 in a day for Johor flood, RM 12,000 for tsunami in Acheh, and another Rm9, 000 for another disaster. All collected in a day, around campus.
As for religiosity, it is related to an organized belief. In my own perspective, a person who really practices Islam as their religion and way of life, it is impossible for them to have low spirituality values.
This is a story told by akhi rushdan on our way to pangkor. There’s one lecturer of his, teaching microbiology. He was diagnosed with lymph node cancer which took his life 6 months after diagnosed. As weeks pass by, he began to lose his hair that he wore bandanna to university. Later, he began to have difficulties in walking and used a walking stick to go to his lab and do his work. Then, the walking sick was changed to crutches as his conditions got worse. It gets to a stage where he had to use a wheelchair to move around. A week after that, he died. Up to his death, he never fails to continue his work at the lab for his work was his passion and he was willing to die for it. Akhi rushdan said that it would be lovely if Muslims have that kind of attitude towards their responsibilities, similarly to sahabah during Rasulullah’s days. As a matter of fact, Akhi rushdan told us that he cried seeing his lecturer was so devoted to his work.

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