Saturday, September 1, 2007

August 31st

starting from this year,merdeka has a new meaning to myself.yes,i never have been that patriotic,but i do appreciate my ancestors' hard effort to free themselves from 'anjing2 penjajah'.
if i were to live at that time,i have no idea whether i will be one of the women who fight for their rights,or be one of the nation traitors,baruas.wallahua'lam.fear of being raped,and fearing for your family members' life,these things really test your faith.
starting this year,independance means freeing myself from things i shouldnt do.small sins that lead to another.benda2 syubhah.things that shows high potential to be one of the things HE doesnt like.things that are very high potential in leading to Allah's murka.things that do not benefit me in any way.
still trying to free me from other things,melangkah satu demi satu.
August 31st 2007 also reminds me of my responsibility towards my parents,my responsibility as a student,and also as a MARA scholar.i'm using people's money to study,i must not waste each and every single cent of it.
reminds me of how i really wanted to study oversea.thus reminds me how much effort i have to put in,burning the midnight oils.i want to get that possible?well,nothing is impossible,but judging from my current percentage in calculus,i really have to put on more effort.
chemistry:beat alfian n syafiq!~huhu~
beat kingsley in OS,and beat peter shanker in calculus.
last but not least,beat sapet in working hard.huhu~
all the best to me,and my other teman seperjuangans who are struggling doing their foundation year in order to fly.chayok2!!ganbatte!!
p/s:punca sebenar~i went to klia to send budak2 cairo n amman on August 31st 2007.mcm reunion taiping,and also ramai budak2 taylors.

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