Tuesday, September 18, 2007


ive seen a lot of changes in people lately.alhamdulillah,ada yang towards positive,but ofcourse ada juga yg negative.
theres one girl in one of my classes.on the first week at taylors,she did not wear tudung,sekali imbas i couldnt say whether shes a malay or chinese.
2nd week,she started to wear tudung,till now.nt that proper,but insyaallah she will improve,just pray for it.

she had a nightmare.malaikat maut came to her and her sister and her mother, asking who wants to go first.since both she and her sister were not yet wearing tudung at the time,they are not prepared to die,so they had to ask for their mother's life to be taken away first.just imagine.asking ur mother to die first.

moral of the story..Allah bg hidayah kepada sesiapa sahaja yg Dia mahu.
adakah kita termasuk dlm gol tu?well,hopefully we do.

havent post any entry on ramadhan yet,and why is that?
well,read fatimah's article on ramadhan,sgt memberi semangat.ayuh semua, kita rebut peluang yg jarang kunjung tiba.who knows,maybe theres no more ramadhan for me or you next year.alangkah ruginya jika ramadhan berlalu tanpa memberi kesan langsung kepada iman dan amal kita.

i owe someone something.im restless now,macammana nak langsaikan.*sigh*
rmadhan mubarak to aLL.jom berusaha kearah m'khatamkan quran~

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