Saturday, September 8, 2007

Lord Of THe Flies

finished reading it.well,not exactly finished but i understood the whole story,so,okeylah kan.hee.^_^
i want to tell about the story,he is the symbol of christ because of his kindness to the littleuns and also his loyalty to Ralph.but poor him,he was murdered by the boys when he tried to cease their fear of the beast.memang gila betul jack and his tribe.
btw,simon was so optimistic that they will be rescued when Ralph starts to lose hope.
He also often travels into his tranquil spot in the jungle.He is a loneranger.He was the one who discovered that the beast does not exist,that it is only an evil part of everybody.
That is my point here.Golding william,the author thinks that everyone is actually evil by heart,it is the civilization that controlls us frm doing bad things.On the other hand,we as muslims believe that babies are born suci from is the parents who bring them up as jewish or christians.
Another point that i find interesting is day by day,Ralph's friends leave him.until the day his last friend,Piggy,died.Ralph stated that he was alone just because he is still sensible and civilized,unlike the savages.SEsungguhnya kat bumi ni memang kita akan menjadi org asing when we are trying to fight for something.we become taifah.wallahua'lam.

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