Tuesday, October 9, 2007


student1:why dont we have one whole week off for hari raya?
mr meagher,programme director:yeah,maybe we should since its a big day for most families eyh.starting next year we'll have one week off for hari raya.
student1:(erh?baik x payahhh)
mr meagher:unfortunately you'll be in Canada already next year right?
ICPU students:(kechiwa..)
take note:ICPU students in taylor's get only the weekend off for hari raya.plus friday and monday that is.

situation2:foreignerguy1 is letting all the girls get innto the bus first.
guy2:trying to be gentle,huh?
foreignerguy 1:this is because im fasting.
me:.i saw him very recently drinking in class the other day.is he a muslim?he HAS a muslim name.wallahua'lam.
baca:only foreigner guys will let the girls get into the bus first.=D

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