Tuesday, November 6, 2007

blessing in disguise

everything is a blessing in disguise.saya yakin itu.
Verily,after each difficulties,theres relief.
My father selalu cerita about tok.her stroke was really a blessing in disguise.
It numbs one side of the body, which stops the cancer’s growth, and frees tok from pain.
Not only that, shes now on feeding tube which helps us to maintain her nutrition level.no more masalah tok tak lalu makan-muntah ,or tak masuk pape for few days.
Pancreas cancer is one of the most painful cancer.
Blessing in disguise kan?
And so are every other things.
my marks is dropping.mcm downfall gile since last 2 weeks.thanx to mrs tan yg sgt concern.mr les too.
i'll try my best.doakan ye semua~atoi,tlglah percaya.ur result is mch better!
torronto/alberta/carleton-semua pun mcm x layak!~
p/s:lepas ni,students mara kat ridz dengan pastinya akan berjimat cermat menggunakan air dan elektrik!=)..xpe..demi masa depan lebih ramai orang melayu.hidup melayu!~huhu..cover ketidakpuashatian terhadap policy accommodation which only applies for MARAians.

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