Saturday, December 15, 2007


its been a long while since i last posted here.
tiba2 teringat one story that i wanted to write about when i was busy preparing for finals.

kingsley micah,the only male in my business management group.he is one of the top student for icpu.he is very wise and very brotherly since he is 21 which also makes him the oldest in the group.for each assignments, he will make sure we do it really early,so that a week before the dateline we could send it to MR.B for him to check whether we did it as he wanted.He would also make us all contribute in the assignment,really prepared for presentations, and come on time -if not early- to group meetings.or else,he would babble continuously in his african accent english.
i remember mr adnan always says to him, "speak english kingsley!~"and mr boodram would say, "audible english please,"

ouh,and mr adnan always says to him each time he sees kingsley discussing something with me,yati or even amy, "u have to convert to islam first before u marry a muslim malaysian girl,kingsley"..
bijak mr adnan cucuk jarum..(=

he may sounds bossy,but having us as groupmates,he does not stand a chance to boss us around freely without anyone's objection.but it IS hard to make him listen to our point of in the end,we would put his answer with the rest of the group members answer in the draft and let mr. B choose.huhu.that is the reason why we need to send it early everytime.

during a group meeting for the ISU project,he called us and said "come here lahh,i have something important to tell is very important,related to your future."reluctantly,we went to him and listened to his advice.guess what it was?
"do you know how to cook?not boil water lahh,like real cooking,instant noodles wouldnt do.i mean real food for people to eat"
me,amy and shin le replied with different answers.
and he said,"u must learn to cook,bla3..."
"in nigeria i never eat outside.if i eat outside,while at home my mum had cooked,i feel like im embarassing my mum.and as for here in malaysia,i've been to McD only two or three times"

"in my house also we never own a washing machine,until we know how to wash it manually.."(this is quite unique since his father is the leading businessman in nigeria in petroleum industry.)
"i'ddo the same to my kids.they will not be allowed to use any sorts of machine until they know how hard to do it manually,"

he always ask our marks,and advice and motivate us accordingly.
his other ambition is to involve in nigeria's politics and become the prime minister.
hehe.he said it is not that tough,u just need to be well educated,get involve in some sort of business,then u will gain respect.
he's going to japan to further his studies at temple university starting next january.he'd leave anytime soon.

btw, rushil and the rest calls kingsley the african tiger since he's alway fighting with nunu in the class,he scores highest marks for most of his subjects,and he talks non stop.he is very loud too.and he's always seen quarelling with others,which includes me.ouh, i'll miss his advice and the arguments we had as a group.i will miss him when he leaves.

p/s:my group's name:KASYA which stands for Kingsley,Armina(Amy),Shin Le,Yati and Atiqah.or its simply known as Kingsley and the girls.


  1. how bout "kingsley's angels"?
    hahhaa... kingsley.. reminds me of a character in Harry Potter.. just finished reading the last series.. huahua

  2. haha..that one pun pernah jugak actually.ngeh~

  3. yeah,he is.but its hard to understand his accent.but i guess i cn be his translator already.haha