Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fajr prayer.

copy pasted from djourney mails.
There was one survey done on Fajr prayer IslamWay.com (the Arabic section), an Islamic website that included more than 4000 persons. The result is as follows:

14% of them never pray Fajr in its time
16% of them rarely pray Fajr in its time
33% of them often pray Fajr in its time
35% of them always pray Fajr in its time

Seems like waking up early is a struggle for many of us, right?

I know the ‘mind-war’ we have every time we try to leave the comfort of our beds, the softness of our spine-supporting mattresses, the coziness under those thick warm blankets, the warmth of our socks, the fluffiness of our pillows and at times the hugging of our bolsters.

And it will just get worse if we suddenly hear the soothing sound of the rain outside, or the echoing sound of winter wind blowing, or when we peeped out the window and saw the blanket of freezing cold white snow, brrrr…

I remembered a funny quote mentioned by Jim Davies years back. He said,

If people were meant to pop out of bed, we'd all sleep in toasters

Visualizing that made my day!

I kinda love the idea of me sleeping in a toaster and being thrown out of it when the time to wake up comes. It sure would be helpful!

Imagine if we can pop out like that instead of the gentle knocks of love our parents or roomies relentlessly make every morning, or a tap on our shoulders by our spouses, or the musical ringing tone from our mobile, or the annoying bell sound of our alarm clock.

But you know what?

Our beloved Prophet (may peace and blessings be upon him) has given us a fantastic motivation of why we should wake up early.

He has given us 1429 years ago, an internal timer that would actually make us ‘pop up’ from our bed. No need to sleep in a toaster, I promise, inshaAllaah.

It is recorded in Sahih al-Bukhari that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said,

"During your sleep, Satan ties three knots at the back of your Decks. He breathes the following into them, 'The night is long so keep on sleeping.' If the person wakes and praises Allah, then one of the knots is unfastened. And if he performs ablution, the second knot is unfastened. When he prays, all of the knots are unfastened. After that he will be energetic and happy in the morning. Otherwise he would get up listless and grouchy."

I realized that in order for me to have a great day ahead, there are these three things I would have to do.

In order for me to be energetic, happy, full of enthusiasm, optimistic, full of life, cheerful, in high spirits, upbeat and lively, the secret is simply to do the three steps!

SubhanAllaah, it sounded so easy, right?

Can I do it? Sure I can – if I want to.

Can you do it? Sure you can – if you want to.

i LOST my celcom number
hingga tarikh yg dibritahu-planning to ambik balik the same number.
oh,n duit elaun dah naik!dan allowance last sem pun naik jugak,dia ganti balik,masuk boomm sekali banyak.
the first thing i did bila tau duit mara naik is, beli twix.haha.
uncle cafe:rewarding urself?
nodding nodding vigorously.

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