Monday, February 18, 2008

bomb fright

during IELTS class with Puan Mahes,D6 jam 1625
one of taylor's security came in,dahlah tengah mock listening test for IELTS.he whispered something in such a cool yet formal manner to Puan Mahes who then asked us to evacuate the building.
Kay and I seriously thought that it has something to do with the coming election.or sekurang2nya fire drill.ha turned ot to be a bomb fright.Inti got a call informing there's a bomb in their building.When we left there were already many police cars,firetrucks and taylor's security di sepanjang jalan,dalam usaha menutup jalan.
read more at lester's,or see more pics at leelung's

agenda minggu ini:
1.tuesday:unit test physics.
:unit test Lan.
2.Wed:group test the great gatsby(english)
:quiz geometry maths.-postponed!to nxt monday tapinye.
3.Khamis:final exam Lan.
:written test the great gatsby(english)
:presentation final project calculus
5.isnin:unit test calculus.
:quiz geomaths

result geomaths dah dapat balik.alhamdulillah,itu rezeki.alhamdulillah.cuma part thinking and inquiry dapat 0.5 over 4?thats like 12.5%,dan kerana itulah markah geomaths jatuh tergolek.please ms foo,bagilah more tests or assignments for that part so that boleh naikkan kembali marks before march.
ms foo:some of u i can see that they are maybe more capable in social science or other area.they are not made for engineering.
baba:i dont mind kalau acik usaha.
ummi:i dont see the 'push'.


  1. awat xletup je bom tu?
    horror sket.jdla Rambo 5.hahaha

  2. atiqahmohammadkhuzainiFebruary 21, 2008 at 9:57 PM

    Rambo5 sgt horror.
    esp part die pakse org masuk paddyfield yg penuh dgn periuk api.kijam.
    tp sgt menginsafkan.huhuhuh
    athe,kalau meletup,awk dah tak jumpe kite tau.hrp mklum~
    thenextmrning:"eh2,INTI masih teguh bdiri la."

  3. ek?kt sje memandai wat rambo 5,igtkan skg ni bru 4.skali mmg 5 la pulak.haha.

    fuh.ok2.legaa la korg mst cm kanak2 tadika y kagum masa kata ada bomb tu kan?XD

  4. haha.mmg 4 pown.
    kite dh post comment tu bru nk tukr balek.pndgn mata ku tertipuuuu... xprsn.
    owh,more likely kpd bdk univ yg excited kot.kami mkaji kebrgkalian berite tu bnr atau plsu.