Wednesday, February 6, 2008

jangan lupa


Fear Allah, for Allah . is well aware of all that you do. Do not be like those who forgot Allah, and Allah caused them to forget their own selves(alhasyr:19)

That is, forgetfulness of God inevitably leads to forgetfulness of one's own self. When man forgets that he is slave to the Almighty, he will inevitably form a wrong view of his position in the world, and his whole life will go wrong because of this basic error. Likewise, when he forgets that he is slave to nobody except Allah, he does not serve the one whose slave actually he is not. This also is a grave and all-pervading misunderstanding, which corrupts his whole life. Man's real position in the world is that of a slave; he is not free and self-sufficient; and he is slave of only One God, and is no one else's slave beside Him. The person who, in not know this truth, does not in fact know himself. And the person who in spite of knowing this, forgets it at any moment, may commit an act at that very moment, which a disbeliever, or a polytheist or a man forgetful of God only would commit. Man's remaining firm and steadfast on the right path entirely depends on his remembering God at all times. For as soon as he, becomes heedless of Him. he becomes heedless of himself and this very heedlessness turns him into sinfulness.
-sayyid abul ala maududi

in much simpler words,kalau kita lupakan Allah,melakukan sesuatu dengan niat bukan krn Dia,Allah akan lupakan kita terhadap diri kita sendiri.lupa tanggungjawab sendiri,sehingga membawa kepada mudharat untuk kita sendiri juga.
~every person will get the reward according to what he has intended:hadith narrated by umar alkhattab,sahih bukhari

They indeed are the transgressors The dwellers of Hell and the dwellers of Paradise cannot be alike. The dwellers of Paradise alone are truly successful. (alhasyr:20)

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