Friday, March 14, 2008

King Lear

tidak ke kelas calculus n physics hari ni.gara2 makan kat luar.hmph.seperti biasa, im the only one yg kena.china made betul perut achik nih-ummi.haha.kay masih sihat walafiat alhamdulillah.insyaAllah akan sihat utk ke kelas geomaths pukul 1 nanti.ameen3. will be okay as long as i eat nothing.uhu.
kurg sihat=penghapus dosa=sempat wat hw geomaths!=)

King Lear Shakespeare

Truth's a dog must to kennel;
he must be whipped out
when the Lady's Brach may stand by th'fire and stink.
(Act 1 Scene 4 Line 110-111)
Forgive me if i'm wrong,but this is the result of our discussion in class, suggested by David and agreed by all.
These 2 lines,said by Fool,and he is referring to King Lear's 3 daughters.
Cordelia was disowned when she speaks the truth, like a dog that will be send to it's kennel when they misbehave.While Goneril and Regan heired all of King Lear's wealth and kingdom when they lied on how they loved their father so dearly,exaggerately praising their father. They are like the Lady's Brach,an expensive dog who gets to sit by the fire during the winter when they make their owner proud.

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