Wednesday, May 7, 2008

myname is myname

ms foo was asking each and everyone of us
~what does u'r name means?~
izzaty: my strengthkekuatanku
khumira:reddish (kemerah-merahan)
syuhaidah: witness
ainil nazmin:mata bintang
khairunnisak:the best of women
atiqah: the name of a person from the past...
my explanation on the meaning of my name didnt came out well, i actually meant that it is a name of one of the 'tokoh' in Islam, but didn't know how to put it in words.uhuh.
nevertheless, ms foo gave an interesting comment:
"oh, u mean one of the old or elderly people's name?that's good, it is like a sign of remembrance of the old people,"
and it made me think:ya, sememangnya nama boleh menjadi peringatan, but as we say it myriad times in our life, we forget the significance of our own names.kan2?
us:miss foo, what is the meaning of u'r name?
ms foo:beautiful sunset, when old only i become beautifullah..
us:LOL(senyum guling2?)


  1. hoho. miss foo ni makin tue makin tahape2 la.tapi best.heheh.nway apsal awk punye dscription pasal name awk sorang je pjg??
    name org lain satu perkataan je.

  2. eiii, dah tu memng org laen ckp sepatah je, kite je yg ckp ber'ayat2' wp merapu,haha.
    ade ckp ms foo cmtu, report kang, gelap mase depan yg tggl 26 hri je lg.haha
    (btw, i smell jealousy!:D)

  3. mane name shaye???=P

  4. atiqahmohammadkhuzainiMay 11, 2008 at 2:18 PM

    hueh~akan ditambah.
    sebab haritu x ingat maksud nama penuh awk ape.igt bintang je