Saturday, June 28, 2008

revisit taiping

lame menyepi.
i wanted to remain silent till the status is no longer pending.
but nevermind,there are too many things to share.
here are pictures from taiping.
had a blast with hakimah khani,nurul nadhira adila,eliza aida[the main characters]
and not forgetting:mira shalak,fifi,adeeb(adibah shakri)!

tol taiping.

bangunan baru yang dirasmikan oleh juniors.

Dewan Sri Larut~pic taken from surau arridhwaniah, gelap sebab hujan+guruh
and the still standing.brothers put this up using the money we got from selling badges.
in memory:kn016, wing a bawah, blok kenanga!

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