Saturday, July 12, 2008

paspor mba'.

dedicated to all my friends and family.
absence of evidence is not evidence of absent.

btw, i couldn't find my passport for 1 whole day. making it worse, i applied for visa using that passport so i have to have it by next week!and ofcourse, losing your passport is a combo package with a lecture by your beloved parents on being systematic+the need to take great care of your belongings.
sehari suntuk.
i kinda know and i was confident on where i kept it, i remember on thinking "i better keep this here(baba's files for all of us kids), so i won't be blame if the document goes missing in the future"
tapi kerana kecuaian semasa mencari, i looked past it.but when everybody asked,i did insist that it has to be there.
this morning, umi woke me up, and i was blur enough to say: "kenapa, senior kite dah suruh hantar university application dah, and kite dah submit."
i repeated that twice before realizing what i was saying.this was when umi told me she found my passport in the box where i said it

the famous saying:cari guna mata!
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  1. "cri brg gne ape anak2?"

    mateeeee, mak


  2. ana pun pernah 'hilang' pasport sehari..

    uih masa tuh nak nangis pun ada.. sebab kalau betul hilang tak jejak ana ke sana..

    mesti banyak prosedur nak kene buat..

    but alhamdulillah tak hilang pun.. cuma tak guna MATA..hehe

  3. mak:PAAANNNDAAAI anak mak ni.

    to nad:hehe,samala, dah nak menangis dah masa tu. sebab kalau hilang memang tak sempat nak buat balik sebab hilang proses die kurniaan yg tak digunakan