Tuesday, August 19, 2008

my hero

[A prayer by a parent of a special child]
-as told by baba here

Help me, God, to embrace my child as he is. Teach me how to raise him in love and joy and confidence. Show me how to help him realize all the gifts you have placed in him. Prevent me from pressuring him tobecome what he can never be or does not want to be.

When I find myself mourning for what he is not, open my eyes to the holy blessing that he is. When feelings of jealousy surface towards other parents, soften my heart, open my soul. When my patience wears thin, calm me with Your comforting presence. When I feel as if I have no more to give, be my strength, God, abiding and unending. When I hover over my child too closely, remind me to step back and make room for him to fly. If he should fail, teach me how to encourage him to try again.

When others are cruel to him, place words of wisdom and comfort on my tongue and place fortitude in his heart. Help him, God. Watch over him. Protect him from harm. Shield him from frustration and hurt.Fill him with Pride, God. Teach him to stand up for himself. Grant him good health. Bless him with true and enduring friends. Nurture his awesome potential, God; let it flourish and become manifest.

Let him be happy, God. Surround him with Your Love. I thank You, God, for giving me this very child. He is a gift from God, a precious child, a rare soul, a miracle. He is mine.


baba's doa during kak syida's wedd also made people cry.

talking to baba while he drives the car is always beneficial.
yesterday he simplifies to me one thing that i always finds difficu.
kata baba: "buat sendiri aje"

and kata baba juga, : "baliklah kambung jumpe cik hah, long nah, silap2 hb this would be the last time u meet them [as they are quite old already].

but today,
atiqah mki: klau balik baling hari sabtu pagi boleh?
atiqah mki: pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee
Mohammad Ismail: tak payah balik la achik
atiqah mki: i want to
Mohammad Ismail: biarlah bapak saya dan kampungnya
Mohammad Ismail: it is ok. dont have to go back to kampung

three weekends burned with weddings and engagements wajib saudara2 terDEKAT. and the only weekend left i have two places that i really2 want to go.
fateh versus baling.pilih achik.pilih.
baling menang.baling, kedah, here i come.
ummi, kak syida with the hero.

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