Thursday, August 21, 2008

uplifting the spirits

CADS moving day:20.08.2008.
they had to move as the banglo was auctioned, and the new owner is asking for rm20k instead of the old rent, rm4k.the new school,located in datuk keramat is the temporary building while waiting for JKR's building in jalan ledang.[jauhnya!tapi mana mahu cari sekolah seperti ni yang ada kelas iqra+solat etc.]

penat tunggu lori tak sampai2.heh.
dah kosong, dah habis angkat.yay!
care for cads!
duit tahunan yang baitulmal kasi.
ahmad zuhdi aka angah namenye, anak kedua cikgu faridah. he excitedly jumped up and down while hugging me for taking his picture.uhu.kwn baik adikku ammar.
namenye aiman faris [ke faris aiman eh?x sure].but everyone calls him aiman, and suddenly out of the blue he introduces himself as faris to me.0_o
the old signboard.previously, CADS was named SES[semarak elementary school]. tetapi setelah tiada lagi kanak2 yang tak istimewa, ia ditukar nama.
featuring kakcik[the one with the helmet], she is a trained cook, trained to cook accordingly to suit special children's diet.sangatlahh helpful serta ramah.bertudung hijau ialah cikgu faridah yang sedang menyuap anak bongsunye, auni.

encik anwar brought a group of tahfiz students from kg baru to help with the move. IIUM studs couldnt come as promised as they were having exam on that day.

read more at kakak's.
p/s:kak syida's video for the wedding came out well, everyone liked the 'hasil' including abang daing who was 'touched'.haha. would be a dream come true for me to be able to make a fundraising video for CADS.

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