Saturday, September 27, 2008

familia. 143

completed fathiyyah's tag here. yeap, saye main tipu.haha. killing birds with one stone, updating ammar's blog yg udah berhabuk(penulis utamanya sibuk barangkali) while completing the tag. i did it with such enthusiasm that i spent more than an hour doing it.
btw, by kakak:

i guess i am sentimental as noted by kakak.nevertheless, there is an interesting fact that i noticed.the 21 year old long, and the 4 year old adik, both tried to make me green with envy by mentioning and describing in detail what they had for iftar.


i'll be missing tok pj's nasi dagang and kuzi on eid for sure, and perhaps our aunties' laksa kedah.yg tersgt amat sedap.but there are much more significant things that i miss.i miss home.the people in it(or not-ahmad and abang). i miss the comfortzone at home(this time it means malaysia).

and like long wrote, i wish i had chosen to study in the garden of knowledge instead. everything is there.but yeah, the grass always looks greener on the other side of the field. nothing is purrrfect. semua tempat ada cabarannya.

sy taknak gugur,x nak digugurkan!

kata ummi smlm:kenapa lama tak hantar berita?..

kata ummi harini:duit cukup ke selalu sgt call ni?..



kata baba:kenapa demam lg ni?rindu sgt kat baba ke?

haih.=D keperasanan sungguh.

i love you both, ummi baba.

rabbighfirli walidayya warhamhuma kama rabbayana soghiro.

mode:trying to inject some benefits in the last few days.sungguh2 mencuba! jangan matikan hati ini, yaAllah.jangan Kau balikkan hati ini, please3 dont't.

rabbana la tuzigh qulubana ba'da iz hadaitana wahablana minlandunka rahmah.

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