Friday, September 12, 2008



Carleton uni from far with dila's nikon cam

just for the record, quite a number of my coursemates are muslim[whether they are practicing or not-forgot the indonesian term for this- is another diff story]. even if they are not muslims, their ancestors come from saudi. and all of us(my coursemates and i) have the exactly same schedule except for certain labs.this is how i met rifat from bangladesh and nurulemaan(nur) from pakistan. both are practicing muslims with proper hijab.we go everywhere together.

the fact that nur is half malaysian helped us to bond quickly in the first place.her mother was a scholar at Queen's univ where she met nur's dad and got married. but they do go back to malaysia once in every two years.the deal was i would teach her to speak malay, and she would teach me how to wear the scarf.[haha, of all things,apekah?well, that was the first thing that came into my mind=P]

rifat knows quite a number of muslim seniors as her brother is in third year. when we were in the prayer room for muslims, minar(a third year from yaman) introduced us to marwah from palestine since she is our third year senior in biomedical engineering. when i asked marwah where she came from, she shyly said palestine and i was saying "mashaAllah mashaAllah (terikut gaya perckpn diorg sudah =P), wow, that is amazing.that is just...GREAT.."and minar said with enthusiasm "jihad!"

met a few more muslims(there are many actually, it is just a matter of whether they are friendly or not) during iftar at ive already tasted "nasi arab" and a kuih from egypt which i forgot its name.its made from corn starch, as told by an african lady who got married at 14!T.T.btw, going to the iftar, it reminds me of my old naive [in a good way] days.when the seniors treat me as if im invaluable.the way the MSA brothers and sisters talked to us is very nostalgic.i can detect them[org2 kuat MSA] just by the way they welcome the guests.

i went to billings bridge by accident today, and met another interesting lady from somalia, who've visited malaysia, and quite suprisingly,she said malaysian food is quite similar to her country's.overhere, most of these people know malaysia pretty well.malaysia boleh,so true.

being with rifat and nur everyday helped me to improve my speaking english very much, as english is their first language.and their slang is very cool!niza is learning urdu from nur.[they speak little arabic].btw, both of them said they never met anyone with the name atiqah before.well, not with a spelling like this:

a necklace from hakimahani =D

Hai manusia, sesungguhnya Kami menciptakan kamu dari seorang laki-laki dan seorang perempuan dan menjadikan kamu berbangsa-bangsa dan bersuku-suku supaya kamu saling kenal mengenal(49:13)

being with them, im in my comfort zone again.uhu.keluar dr kepompong?be friends with the caucasians?the non-muslim-locals?err, not just yet.later inshaAllah.
~terasa mcm composition kanak-kanak darjah 6 untuk english upsr, T.T


  1. best nye kwn ngn foreigner..well at least nt kwn gak r ngn foreigner..

  2. budak melayu lelaki je.yg perempuan tak byk same kelas.terpksa la kot.uhu

  3. salam tiqah..

    i'm wondering what 'kueh' from egypt don't like egypt food much..makan gitu2 possiblity utk tidak mengetahui kueh itu amat besa..

    waaah,dr palestine?masha Allah...hati orang2 Palestine sangat2 kuat kan?

    dekat mesir pun ramai org palestine..tapi tak ramai yang tinggal di palestine..kebanyakannya dr negara lain like america,uk,saudi..palestine hanya pada keturunan je kot..mereka berhijrah ikut mak ayah...

    nice entry,,tak sama langsung ngn composition upsr..hihi

  4. awk kata ni composition upsr??
    betulla kecik ati insan y dpt b memanjang utk english ni.hahaXD

    btw,bestlaa pngalaman awak.huuu
    untung sungguh kamoo

  5. bile ko cter sal bdak arab + africa kat sne aku t'ingat lak dak2 arab kat uni aku...hahaha...
    btw, dak2 palestine yg biasenye ade kat luar ni, kebanyakannye diorg dah x tgl kat palestine dah...diorg dah dok saudi, uae n negare2 arab lain..
    even curtain kes, parent diorg je asal palestine tpi diorg lahir kat arab...tpi still diorg mengaku diorg adelah palestinian...

    dan orang2 arab most mmg akan kenl Malaysia..tgk aje la kat area lmbah klang skrang...b'lambak pak2 arab...

    atiq kalo ko ade kenl bdak lebanon ke, yaman ke, try kuih manisan diorg...very sweet but sngat sedap..hehehe...

  6. jepa, aku x suke bende manis.akok dan kuih yg manis sewaktu dgnnye mcm alergik je rase.heh.haritu tu pon mkn secubit je.btw thx for the facts.aku tatau pun kalu tidak.heh
    to athe:the flow of the story and the skema ness of the bahase cm budak upsr.harhar.
    awk untung dpt lect berbagai bangsa, dan duduk kat uitm dgn budak2 premed n puasa dgn mak ayah!
    to fathy:
    seronok kan kenal org palestine?yg ni pun rasenye yg dah migrate.eheh.kuih tu bashawarba ke ape ntah namenye.manis bangat!

  7. akok x manis aa~!
    well.. maybe certain kot..
    tp yg ku bese mkn x da aa manis mana pon..

    neway, it's always been nice to hear stories like this..
    huhuh.. bilakah masa ku plak?
    tu pon kalo lepas..
    about 1 more year...

  8. well, hahah.manis je yg bese aku mkn.manis gile.cek mek is okay for me, tp akok?mak aku pon x mkn.hueh.kami kelantan celup!~ XD
    erm, all of us are praying for u, peah n even rz,inshaAllah sume bjaye.n smg ko dpt rcsi tu.ganbattene!rmi seniors ko yg dah lps, y cnt u?kan?gunekan opportunity in rmdhn~

  9. huu.besnye dah ade geng.aku takde geng lagi.wawawawa

  10. Best best MSA. Belajar urdu la. Bakalava mmg manis gile.

  11. atiqahmohammadkhuzainiSeptember 15, 2008 at 12:03 AM

    urdu?i'd make my grandfthr happy by learnng tht language.nt tht he is a pakistani or wht.t.a.p.i, er, yeah i guess it needs passion.wic i dont now atleast.