Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Baba and Umi wish you luck.may allah reward you the best. we are happy with whatever you get.as parents we are always proud of you but sometimes the way we show it is different from what you expectd. we want the best for you and only you can get it. we can guide you but you have to make the step. whatever the result would be,you should know that th whole family loves you.Baba
Mar 11 2007:19:33:00
[sehari sebelum result spm, i was at fifi's house.dibaca dgn linangan air mata as i was actually planning utk berlama-lama dirumah fi/mira Y jika result tak elok.hu.]

~we love u very much cik n we r very proud of u happy bday sayang
dec 8 2006:21:42:23


  1. uh oh, baru nak wish b'day. sekali tgk 8 dec. oh, same ngan ayah ktrg la ek? tunggu 8 dec ye ^^

  2. haah, same..tim penah ckp.hueh.
    urm, nt really kot sbb mase tu final xm algebra+eidul adha.hu~cume diletak sbb msg tu trase amat sweet,hueh.

  3. wish kan happy birthday kepada umi mu ya atiqah...