Monday, November 10, 2008

sheer logic?

bismillahirrahmanirrahim,a very very very beautiful vid. not only it is a collection of many verses on sabr, but do care to listen to the sheikh speaking at the end.

the principle of patience is most difficult to apply at time of ease.

being patient in times of difficulty even the kafirs does this.
they can do it.they do it out of know, tragedy strikes, he was raise from he was a kid: "men dont cry".
so he is struck by the thing he hold himself together he doesnt cry.
out of manliness.

or he does it out of sheer logic and reason
that "hey, me getting upset is not going to change the situation. i may as
well keep on carry it on."

the only thing that can make a person patient;patience is doing what god has commanded and refraining from what god has prohobited is:IMAN.

thats the ONLY thing.

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  1. terima kasih kepada anda kerana membuatkan saya terfikir betapa pentingnya sabar itu dalam menanganai segala apa pon..