Tuesday, December 30, 2008

thinking too much?

bismillahirrahmanirrahim.currently having too much on my mind.[im still thinking whether this is possible, with the billions of  brain cells we are blessed with.hamdulillah thummalhamdulillah] so, in conclusion, 'having too much on one's mind' only indicates an emotional breakdown?nevertheless, i do think that this is the time when a person is most productive.well, i hope so.

reading taufiq's comment on my previous post makes me feel that 'i owe gaza even more'[quoting fm]. i still remember the shock i was in when one of the volunteers asked us politely to donate 100cad each if we can afford it since they were way behind than their target. ofcourse, the amount you donate is not the issue, as imam zaid shakir(if im not mistaken) said a student who donates two dollars probably has more value than a billionaire who donates a million dollars when he owns twenty million dollars.  may Allah help them to get the donation through into Ghaza., aamiiin.

i look up to those who are able to speak their minds.
i  envy the strength people have to say 'no'.

salam maal hijrah 1430, 
atiqah mohammad khuzaini,
junction avenue, ottawa.

1 comment:

  1. too much in mind.. setelah ku berfikir.. seperti yg ku ckp ari tu aa.. einstein used 13% percent.. n average human used 2%..
    neurons dalam otak banyak..
    tp pikir balik, cam bole kait ngn comp kot..
    harddisk besar.. tp RAM slow.. processor x mantap.. performance pon cam low aa kan?
    anyways.. same here kot..
    thinking too much.. pnah sampai menggeletar, sbb x mampu nk paksa diri stop thinking.. heh..

    n bout that.. i guess "i owe gaza even more" too..
    we all did.
    teringat dulu, pnah silat cekak nk hantar 500 orang kalo x silap ke palestine utk perang sekali..
    dorang x nak.. bukan nk kutuk tp kehadiran dorang akan menyulitkan keadaan balik kan?
    beri apa yg mereka perlu.
    really do hope donations and health supplies n all selamat sampai sana..
    cam nk bom mesir pon ada.. meaning.. the gov.. uuu