Sunday, January 25, 2009

and it says...

noor got me a leaflet from learning support services carleton.just thought of sharing it cause it rings true to me.
10 tips for managing procrastination.
  1. recognize when you're doing it.
  2. instead of thinking you have to do something, tell yourself u choose to do it.
  3. overcome perfectionism, as low productivity leads to procrastination.
  4. set clear goals, allot time accordingly. think honestly!
  5. prioritize.
  6. big projects might lead to procrastination if you dont know where to start or you think there's simply too much to do.break them down.
  7. pick a spot that you would be most productive/ there are least distractions.
  8. get organized, build flexibility into your schedule and avoid arranging blocks of work back to back.
  9. set reminders and put them where you cant miss them.
  10. reward urself, even the smallest task.
Atiqah, disiplin sila!!!

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