Friday, January 2, 2009

RIS-muhammad alshareef

his talk was the simplest to understand i guess, ;D.muhammad alshareef, he is from ottawa, he started almaghrib institute overhere. we use his notes for our usrah with poonam appu.(cant remember the discussion was on which book)

he told us a story of him and his family went visiting a relative somewhere. they had to pass a very dark road and they could see nothing. they were lost initially, so they called the relative. in the middle of the road, someone was waving his handphone's light to guide them to the relative's was a friend of the relative. when they arrived, he asked the guy, "how do u know we are the right family for you to guide, you don't even know what car we are driving, and we have never even met" he said i knew for sure it was you from the way you drive. if you don't know your way you'd drive confused and slow. moral:if the ummah doesnt know the destination, our progress would be very slow!

the second story he told us was about when he performed hajj, how he wished Rasulullah was there to give a sermon(khutbah) after the prayer at masjidilharaam. He wondered what he would say about the state of the ummah. Which matter or problem he would address first. Then when the imaam started praying, he realized, Allah's versus is still here, and will always be here. 

Surahs that we always repeat in our daily prayer is from juz 'amma, and among the message that are always repeated again n again in all the surahs are analysis of the seerah, past human's mistakes and also what they did right, about the day of Judgement, Allah testifying by His creations(the stars, the night, etc), names of Allah(so that we place trust in Allah), description of hellfire and paradise and a few more that i didn't copy down. a teacher of mine in alamin told me that believeing in only one of His name would be sufficient to take care of the rest of our imaan. i.e, Allah is all knowing, when we truly hold on to that, we would be afraid to do anything wrong, as He knows what we are doing, and we would believe that there are reasons and hikmahs for everything that happened as He knows best =)

he concluded his talk by stressing how we really need to build a connection to quran! read a very small portion of ayats after each solat, just enough so that you are eager to read more in the next solat.


  1. mcm kenal cikgu itu...
    rindu! selalu berangan masa berputar ke zaman sekolah, dan kita masih di sana. duduk. mendengar.

  2. sebab tu kan tiqah,ana sangat2 bersyukur bila sejak di al-amin lagi telah diberi peluang utk hafal habis juzu' amma..

    Juzu' amma ni sangat melekat dalam hati sekarang.