Friday, January 30, 2009

the T-junction

sesuatu yang menjadi rutin hilang nikmatnya, atau pudar tujuan asalnya. weird as it is, my example would be the traffic light in front of carleton's gym, at the huge T-junction. i never appreciated those traffic lights, i even disliked the trafficlights for being there, as the bus i go with had to stop for so many times. 

sejak menjadi pedestrian sejati, aku hargai bunyi-bunyi kereta yang lalu lalang tanpa henti, and how quiet and peaceful it becomes when the trafficlight for the cars turns red. it feels as if the world stopped moving for a while, and it is just you who is moving, making some progresses. 

i miss Al-amin so much. only now so many things make sense. yeah, i did know how important everything was back then, but only now i appreciate the people who initiated the whole thing. betapa murni dan BESARnya niat dan harapan mereka, and during school i was only enjoying the fun part of it. 

pesan ayahanda: less calls but better results.

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