Friday, February 20, 2009

are you malaysian?

berjalan, bermusafirlah.bila bermusafir, ku syukuri tempat asalku. sering teringat, saat tidak selesa tidur di dalam sejuk dan basah dan melekit di dalam hutan semasa mukhayyam, pasti terbayang-bayang selesanya comforter dan katil di rumah. 

kata-kata saudara-saudaraku:
dr tariq suwaidan- malaysia is the only islamic country that is actually ahead in education.

manar and mounira-such a good islamic country!i totally respect malaysia!

an old egyptian lady who is a PR in canada-
i should have migrated to malaysia instead, all my friends are talking about malaysia.

a friend-
two things that i don't like about malaysians. free mixing(ikhtilat) and music.

a lebanese taxi driver-
chinese in malaysia want to take over the govt, eh?

a south american lady-
malaysia must be really nice! well,minus the political condition. every country has its own political problems.

define 'malaysian':we're all a wee bit malaysian. dont you think so?
are you from indonesia? no, im from malaysia.
are you from malaysia? yes, how can you tell? 

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