Saturday, March 28, 2009

did you?

bismillah.i had 3 classes in a row today. so i had to leave class to pray zuhur. when i reentered the room after 5 minutes, a friend asked, "did you do your prayers properly?"
i was confused by the question, but i answered, "yes," 
she asked again, "are you sure you did it properly?"
the question made me silent for few seconds, but then again, i answered, "yes, inshaAllah.thanks for your concern,'

the question, coming from a non believer, made me think, am i really doing my prayers properly?am i concern about my prayers? atau sekadar ayam patuk padi as umi says it?atau sekadar melepaskan 'beban' kewajipan?

maha said so MANY people went for jumuah prayers today, which is VERY unusual. the gym was full, so she said. we were trying to figure out why, when we remembered, ouh, final exam is in 2 weeks. hehe. no pun intended!


  1. concernnye non-muslim tu.. mesti dia fikir, prayer without concentration=sia-sia..

    btw memandangkan ramai yg membanjiri gym bila xm dah dekat ni.. bgs kalo bleh amik kesempatan bg khutbah yg power2, n sebar artikel yang mantop2. bkn sng nak dpt crowd sebanyak tu..kecuali bile eid.. hueh


  2. salam..
    sangat concern.
    kite ni da lali kot sampai proper atau tak solat mcm da x jadi hal.
    dat one's for me.


  3. Last semester I had a terrible term, sometimes 4-5 hours straight classes and it was during winter. I need to come in late for some classes, sometimes tutorial. People stared at me for coming late, and then the next time I pray, I keep asking myself, "Do I need to pray it quick?". I'm confused, but I kept the prayer slow so that I can achieved "khusyuk". Maybe it will be our last prayer, our last gift to Allah. I don't care if people want to stare at me for coming late or whatever. I have reason to do that. Other people can come late just for the sake of buying coffee or going to the washroom. Just be as what it is, pray as what you will pray if you are not in hurry. InsyaAllah everything will be fine.

    - Hafiz.

  4. reading this made me cam x sabar2 je nk pi sana..
    sana is mana2.. uhuhu..
    ireland kaa.. aussie ka..
    pape je laa..

    n fenomena exam.. memane pon jd.. heh..

  5. jzkk.
    fm:ide menarik tu!btw probably dia paham sebab dia strong catholic yang ikut 'usrah' sume.huhu.
    anon:thx for the advices.insyaAllah, everything will be fine.
    syaimaa':smg kite terus concern!aamiiin.
    zs:fenomena xm mungkin kalau lekat post exam lbh bermanfaat.kan

  6. atiqahmohammadkhuzainiApril 4, 2009 at 9:18 PM

    tahukah kamu gol yg mendustakan agama?...
    celakalah orang yang bersolat, yang lalai dalam solatnya.
    tilka solatul munafiq!tilka solatul munafiq! tilka solatul munafiq!(hadith)