Sunday, March 8, 2009

“I am angry when the media uses the term ‘war.’ This was genocide! At least you would have a military balance during ‘war’, but there was none!" a young man cried.


allahumansur mujahideen fi falastin wa kulli makaan.

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  1. This is something minor but since it was my mistake in the first place, I think I should point it out.

    It's "allahumansur mujahideen..."

    'na' is for nahnu (us) right? Since the subject is mujahideen, thus 'na' is not needed there.

    One can say, "Allahumansurna 'ala yahud"

    "Allah help us ('na') over the yahud"

    There 'na' (us) is correctly use as the subject.

    Pardon for the mistake.