Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ada soalan?

an extremely powerful video, pretty long, but worth it. alhamdulillah for making me watch it, thanks to rifat's blog.i am not a patient person,i hate redundant explanations and unworthy jokes, but this video, puts the whole time into good use. give your curiousity a chance. great examples of sahabis in each explanation and point.

the main keys are:

the real reason why we are doing something.if someone asks you, why are you doing hijab?you may say, "to protect my modesty," but then using the same logic, can you explain more complicated stuffs?the real reason is, because Allah said so! where?in the quran. and why am i so convinced that Quran is His true words of Allah, revealed to His messenger saw, that is the real question:are you convinced?do you believe?be cautious in answering these questions to yourself.

when we feel something is wrong(about our deeds), the tiny feeling of guilt, is a gift from Allah, don't kill it away!when a baby cries, the mother's pat would soothe him. same goes,when we ask people, is it okay if we continue in doing some bad deeds, as many people are doing it too, we are actually trying to  kill the guilt away, by convincing self that it is not that bad to continue doing it.

what is good and what is bad, is based on Allah's measurements, not us. don't define your own goodness, use Allah's definition of goodness.

to any believers who are in distress:find real consolations in the quran. he gave examples of muhammad saw, nabi yusuf who was thrown into a well, sold as a servant in another country, without a chance to meet his father again, then sent to a prison."Allah was overlooking and dominant over his fear"(an ayah constantly repeated in surah yusuf). in the example of nabi muhammad, the speaker told the story when the revelations did not come for a long period of time. and the disbelievers keep on haunting him with questions, "what happened?your god doesn't like you anymore?"

modern idea:you are doing good because Allah loves you, and the other way round. this is not true! muslims (should) believe, a wealthy man, and a man in poverty:Allah loves both of them, and testing both of them.examples of failure:firaun!

i am as my slaves expect i am.(hadith qudsi) everything, even tests, are a good thing. and rely on Allah, with good expectation(husnuzzon).

the main problem is not that we don't know fiqh and hukum, but not seeing the seriousness of obeying Allah in each commandment.

mashaAllah for his explanations. mashaAllah.

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  1. at last,khatam sudah video yg ko bg nih...
    fiuuwhh...biarpon msa yg perlu ak peruntukkn utk khatamknnya lma,tp berbaloi giler...!!

    ak suka content2 nya,otknya cerdas,fikrahnya relevant dgn situation n jiwanya berlandaskn pemikiran islamic yg jitu..

    part yg plg ak suka,cara dy rotate topik soklan n converts it to the real loop: back to da basic of quran n aqidah..sgt2 mmbantu as a da'ie

    tq sis...!!!

    (apa mcm xzm..??muhihihi,smpat g tny2 xzm..)