Saturday, May 30, 2009


bismillah. wandered the streets in ot-uh-wuh.

at the bus stop, a very old pakcik who was sitting, got up and offered the seat to me. "being gentleman?i am still young and strong, pakcik," i said, though not outloud =D

in the bus, a child around ammar's age was sitting next to his younger sister. he then took out his water bottle, and drank greedily, ignoring the sister who asked for the the drink. the girl was staring at the bottle, looking very thirsty. only after a while, with a mischievous smile on his face, he passed the drink to his sister-the boy somehow reminds me of my brothers. =D

then we went to moni mahal for buffet. in the restaurant, we prayed 'asar in turns. the waiter came to us and asked if we were praying, and he said he would lower down the music. he then turned it off for atleast a good 5 minutes. =D

on the way back, we saw an indonesian makcik who excitedly gave salam to us. "kita serumpun, bu =)"


  1. awak!
    sedey kite baca about the little boy tu!
    somehow ur words made me cry..huhuhu.

  2. huhu.sorry farah, tp kenape eh?kite seriously takleh stop senyum tengok budak2 tu.sorry2 tak berniat.uhu