Friday, May 22, 2009

matikau II


dalam kisah imam ahmad pula, ketika beliau nazak, beliau 'meracau' "no not yet no not yet". bila beliau kembali sedar, anaknya bertanya, kenapa beliau mengulang-ulang "no not yet". jawab imam ahmad, "syaitan was standing right next to me, biting on his fingers and saying “o ahmad you have slipped out of my hands,”. so i was telling him “no not yet until i die. the battle between me n u is still happening. not until i die, will i be saved from u."

look at the believer, how he keeps on fighting until the last moment, will never give up.we are proud and we would say, “yes i won against you” but imam ahmad said “not until i die.”

imam ibn taimiyyah, he says the reason why this happens, is because syaitaan realizes, that this is his last chance with you.if he misses it, you’re gone. that is why syaitaan emphasizes and gives special attention to the last moments of your life.

so put a criteria to yourself, and think about it, if you are losing to syaitaan now, when the battle is easy, what would happen to you in the last moment when it gets tough?if you are already losing the battle now, when syaitaan is giving you half of his attention, what will happen when he gives u his complete attention, when he devotes his efforts for u?-the herefafter


  1. kt sempat transcribe y ni seblom awk tukar part kt tu.
    mmg "alamakk!" ms dgr part ni.

  2. Oh ok, sorry, I didn't read this one. Interesting commentary by Ibn Taimiyyah. But that is story of Imam Ahmad, how do these scholars arrive to the claim "Syaitaan emphasizes and gives special attention to the last moments of your life"? Any hadith that specifically says that? Thanks.

  3. salam.
    mak aih. menakutkan seh.
    effort sang syaitan during our last moments. uish...


  4. athe:sorry for making u transcribe ape yg awak tak payah.hee
    taufik:i havent found any, didnt hv the time(yeye jek) to really put an effort to search it yet, so if u find it first, so;e share yek, thx!)
    syaimaa':huhu. lets recheck amal.