Saturday, May 16, 2009




When Israel declared its independence in 1948 it was referred to as Nakba by Palestinians, which means Catastrophe.(credit to mr. google)

palestinians have sacrificed a lot of things already,varying from life, property, beloved ones, etcetera. for us, for islam. we owe to them because they are fighting for islam, instead of us. we owe them that.

thus whatever we do, do it to the fullest, put our best effort into it. because we owe them atleast that.

read this, and also this

oh and please please, jangan ada muslim yang menimbulkan issue:kenapa palestinians tak keluar sahaja dari bumi palestin, demi nyawa anak-anak mereka. kita harus BERTERIMAKASIH kerana mereka masih mempertahankan bumi tersebut.walhamdulillah

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