Tuesday, May 12, 2009

s, the plural


the course instructor was trying to make us define religion. many people gave answers related to God. i did not notice anything weird, till the instructor pointed out, everyone said GOD, so what about Confucianism, in which they have no god, and for Hinduism, they have around 330 million godS. those definitions would exclude these beliefs, just to name two.

i said, well, that is only because its in our nature that there is god, and only one.besides, that is the only way it is logical. it is not possible to have two gods, both being lamyalid walamyulad. i didn't say it outloud though.

if i were to give that response, i would be breaking the number 1 rule in learning religion in university, that is to be an outsider, and not an insider. ie to treat the subject without emotions, but just see it as historical facts. nothing more than that.

at some point earlier in the three hour class, i thought he is an atheist. he asked us how santa claus and easter bunny which are myths are different from god created the earth in 7 days(both in bible and quran), and muhammad's heart cleansed alive, and jesus born by a virgin. but later when he kept on telling us to give 'outsider discourse' (as he put it), he sounded like a downright secularist. but he admitted, many of his christian students hate him for his point of views. many just dropped the class.

i remembered reading about the reactions of many muslims when syeikh yasir qadhi took a class wtih tony blair.what is it like,for me, now?

kata ida:dia ni percaya apa?

balasku:entah.sakit hati kan?

i felt like putting a dagger into his heart and see what's in it.but i really really pray to Allah, that one day, this lunatic guy, would be a great, true muslim. he would then be an asset to the deen. 

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  1. salam.
    tak nampak siapa sebenarnye dia sebab mungkin dia mmg tak ada apa2 pegangan. tak ada pegangan yang tetap.
    not like Muslims. yg memang dah sah sah percaya pada Dia.
    tapi kita pun kena polish lagi pemahaman kita terhadap deen ini. takut jadi mcm dia jugak. sekejap mcm atheist, sekejap mcm secularist.
    moga pemahaman kita terhadap deen ini jelas dan sohih.
    eh tapi dlm kelas kena jadi insider ek. semacam tak de freedom of speech. tp on the other hand, mgkn dia tak nak ada any subjectivity bila beri pendapat. hmm. entahlah.
    moga korang semua diredhaiNya. bukan senang woo dlm situasi cemtu.