Saturday, June 6, 2009

aku tak pernah tahu!

bismillah. It is a known fact that Canada is pro-israeli and pro-zionis. Palestine issue is very sensitive overhere and posters on Palestine are seriously banned from Carleton U. (I do not know about other universities). 

But it hurts very much to know that even Scotiabank acknowledges neither westbank-and-gaza nor lebanon as a country. (I do not know about other banks, as my bmo online account is suspended sbb salah password=|)

GERAM sungguh!

by the way, to those who are concerned about palestine issues out there, check your niat whether you are doing it for Islam or for human issues sake. It can be both, but should not be just the latter. 

Allahumma harril masjidal aqsa, waj'alna minjunuudi-tahrir.

"Ya Allah, bebaskanlah Masjid Al-Aqsa, dan jadikanlah kami pejuang2 yang membebaskannya"aamiiin.(doa quoted from fm's blog)

kami tak pernah tahu, IZIS:

Kami tak pernah tahu 
berapa banyak darah harus tertumpah 
untuk membebaskanmu 
Yang kami tahu hanyalah 
belum setetespun darah 
yang telah kami tersembahkan untukmu 

Kami tak pernah tahu 
berapa raga mesti meregang nyawa 
agar engkau tak lagi dihina Al-Aqsa
Yang kami tahu hanyalah 
belum setapakpun langkah 
dan kami belum beranjak dari sini


  1. hoho~
    x tau plak psl scotia bank tu.

    yes, stuju.
    we care about Palestine for the sake of Islam , n of course,humanities as well.but whenever I talk to Wei or other non-muslim buddies,rgrdng dis issue , I have to stress on the humanities reasons. huhu.sbb org bukan Islam byk berpendapat issue palestine-israel ni issue agama je.dieorg kurang kesian ngan Palestinians ni.

    if I'm not mistaken, same thing happens in McMaster Uni kan??dieorg pun ban any activity that supports Palestine. not sure.

  2. atiqahmohammadkhuzainiJune 7, 2009 at 10:59 AM

    mcmaster?hurm x sure plak.tgu fana komen.hehe.

    btw stju ngn awak, kalau utk non muslims, it is perfectly fine kalau derg nak bbakti kat palestine utk human issues. cuma ade spesies pelik mcm cheryl yg paham religion reasons, siap geram dgn media sbb burukkan jihad.

    ironically ade je muslimS yg kesian kat jews tade tmpt tinggl n rasa palestenians patut keluar utk slmtkan diri.

  3. Yeap, tp actually they just banned the usage of the term 'Israeli apartheid' after a peaceful dialogue between Palestinians and Israelis got a little bit out of hand. Nah sumber kalau berminat:

    Ada je demonstrations yang berkaitan dengan Palestine and Gaza that is not banned, especially in January this year. Hamilton and Mac banyak Arab students, so I don't think they can stop that even if they tried.

    there is also this guy, Ilan Pappe, who is Jewish but def against Zionism and the Israeli occupation. And Obama also in his speech to the Muslim world kat Cairo U, used the term Israeli occupation. Of course, he and Pappe both are doing it for humanitarian reasons, and that's still a longlonglong way to go from recognizing the sovereignity of Palestine and freeing alAqsa.

    Allahumma harril masjidal aqsa, waj'alna minjunuudi-tahrir, Amin