Tuesday, June 23, 2009



i thought since this is canada, where the people is multiracial, there would be no racism. i was wrong wrong wrong.

tech memo haritu, semua team members quote ayat yang sama untuk research topic. tapi sahabatku di hentam teruk, sedangkan di kertas kami putih bersih(untuk ayat itu). padahal the exact word to word, same sentence.

ia tidak berakhir di situ. we did a vid presentation, dan dari peer feedback, sahabatku dapat antara komen yang terbaik dari seluruh kelas, siap markah penuh lagi. creative visual aids, clear explanation, and interesting. some of our classmates who we never talked to before even came up to her and complimented her on her good job.

tapi prof tu tetap menghentam teruk. when other team members got good marks alhamdulillah. prof itu sungguh biased! ya, english sahabatku mungkin kurg baik di dalam kelas, but in that vid, since we had chance to practice and take more than 1 shot, her english was perfect, with probably only few unnoticable common grammar mistakes here and there. but seriously, she did a much better job in explaining than me!

apparently, we were not the first to experience this, dalam kelas pun, she makes faces when people with little english ask questions in class. i though a prof teaching communication course should be the last person to do that?

teringat english4u di taylors, there was one group who would get the same mark on every essay assignment. no matter what they did to improve their essays, they keep on getting the same mark from early of the semester, till the end. they even had dr adnan and other english teachers to proof read their essays. nothing worked. pasti mendapat markah yang sama, setiap kali.

sememangnya, hanya Allahlah yang mampu adil.

i'm pushing the friend to ask for remark inshaAllah. doakan yang terbaik inshaAllah.


  1. crius, panas ar kte ngan prof tu.

  2. pliks....!!~

    korg bljaq subjek pa nih..
    bhsa tamil klasik ka..???
    asal prof2 ak dlu ok ja..
    wawawawa...cuaknya nk kna stadi2 blik lps nih~