Friday, June 5, 2009


dush1:in arranged, there was a taaruf session. nasirah who was wearing a bright coloured scarf said she wore her hijab because she chose to do it, because its her way in following Quran's order to be modest.

to which the principal replied, while pointing at the scarf, "its a fashion statement, isn't it?i think u get more attention wearing it than not, doesn't that defeats the purpose?"

dush2:was walking with a sister i knew to the musolla. there was a guy who was smoking infront of us. he then also entered the musolla. 

the sister exclaimed "what?his prayers aren't even accepted!". when i strongly disagreed, she brought up the ruling where deeds of those who are doing the harams aren't accepted. DUSH.*dosa aku setiap hari bergunung juga!* 

p/s:i disagree with both. tapi ambil yang baik buang yang buruk, no?


  1. atiqahmohammadkhuzainiJune 5, 2009 at 10:59 AM

    dush1:i do salute the producer for respecting islam. terima kasih! but i do not agree with the movie, for this dan 3:118. er tp siapa tahu a better definition of auliyaa'?teman setia, pemimpin, ally, atau friend?-dari terjemahan berbeza2.

    dush2:I still do not agree with the sister, to avoid this: Narrated Abu Dhar: "If somebody accuses another of Fusuq or accuses him of Kufr, such an accusation will revert to the accuser if the accused is innocent." (Book #73, Hadith #71).

    and a similar hadith when a man who memorizes quran til the light of quran shows up on his face.He carries the sword on his neighbour and he accuses him of shirk.he accuses him that he is a mushrik.hudzaifah bin yaman asked rasulullah saw who is the mushrik among them?the accuser or the accused?ra saws said the accuser.ibnu kathir says this is isna jayyid. (anwar al-awlaki, hereafter.)

  2. dush itu seperti.. apabila ter'kena' dan termakan cili. dan kalau dalam citer anime, selalunya watak tersbt akan jadi begini apabila situasi 'dushhh' terjadi:
    (gambar yg ada peluh satu menitik kat kepala tu).. ni interpretasi ak laa. itu pun belum confirm lg dgn tuan punya blog.

    hmmm case hafiz tu menuduh jiran dia sungguh interesting.

  3. salute the producer jugaa =D
    the crew, stars semua bkn muslim though.
    salute jugaa.
    and oh thx, baru baca tafsir on 3:118.