Tuesday, June 30, 2009


alhamdulillah, i submitted everything for CCDP, and because of the nature of the course(no final exam), i'm just waiting for my marks to be released. or spesifically for prof jennie to finish marking.

during one of her office hours, i asked her to review my tech memo. she commented, and i remember her saying, "read your essay outloud, or give it to someone for review, and correct all your grammar mistakes. though not many, it creates noise, and makes it harder for a reader to grasp the content,"

noise-menyukarkan pembacaan seseorang.

imagine if you watch a movie, and there is background noise, and you have to depend wholly on the subtitle to comprehend the scenes. menyakitkan hati kan?some of us might just take the hassle to redownload from another source.

noise-menyukarkan kita nak concentrate.

the same goes, bila kita solat, kemudian mengumpat. bila kita pakai tudung, kemudian baju ketat, or bila baju longgar, sleeves three quarter.dosa creates noise for our pahala, for soal jawab dalam kubur, for our timbangan di mahsyar nanti.

bahagia kat dunia ni, sementara. tidurlah puas-puas semasa menunggu hari kebangkitan, bercintalah puas-puas dengan bidadari di syurga nanti. dunia, tak berbaloi dipertahankan, ingatlah syurga yang menanti, insyaAllah.

i direct all these to myself, before i say it to others. Allahumma inna nas aluka ridhoka wal jannah. Wa nauzubika min sakhatika wannaar.aamiiin.

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