Wednesday, July 15, 2009

kuman dan gajah

there were politicians commenting on the manik urai election on awani. one of the panelists said, the most important thing is to "find tune" in which they agree with each other.

i doubt that suggestion will work in politics. but to apply in personal life, yes indeed.

then i read a hafiz's blog. when he keeps on scolding his younger brother(who is also a hafiz), for the boy's attitude, his father showed him a glass filled with three quarter of water. the father said, appreciate the little bit of air that is in the glass, not just the water. there's dr jekyll in everyone.

semua orang ada his or her baik side. setiap orang ada his or her own potential and use to the ummah. jangan lihat yang buruknya sahaja. that may be an easy thing to learn. tapi untuk find a channel yang kita masuk dengan everyone, it takes skills to do that. i'm learning. teach me.

p/s:adik afifah dan ammar demam juga, alhamdulillah they keep me busy for few days.

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