Friday, September 11, 2009


ayat biasa ummi baba:make sure ada easy access to some cash, incase anything happens to them, i need to go back home to take care of adik-adik, then i'll just take the next flight available, thus the need of some readily available moolahs.

a few days ago, in vancouver, i was sitting in front of the boarding gate, waiting for the flight to ottawa. duduk betul-betul depan counter.

then came one woman, asking how long is the waiting list, and where is she on that list, whether she'll have a chance to go on that flight. katanya; "because this was a very last minute ticket, my mum is dying in ottawa."

a good zikrul maut indeed. it could be our mum next, nauzubillah, or it could be us next. who knows?wallahuaálam.

quoting dr fatimah azzahra, kita baca yasin ketika orang mati is more for ourselves, not for the dead. mengingatkan kita, Allah akan matikan, dan hidupkan semua. hidupkan untuk apa? untuk di soal. [yaasin 51-54]. maka sila beringat!

dan ketika itu, kamu dibalasi dengan apa yang kamu kerjakan!

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