Friday, September 4, 2009


alhamdulillah, bought one of the books in my wishlist, 'my friend leonard'. but very much to my dissapointment, the book is boring. had the purchase been in canada, i would return it for full refund.

i read nowhere to run, written by judith westwater, which is truly inspiring and interesting. its a true story based on judith's own life. she was abused by her father, and later by her husband too. she lived off and on the streets in south africa and britain, trying to survive. later, with four kids, working part time cleaning houses, she formed a drama club to help street kids stay out of trouble. she herself was struggling to make ends meet, but she put her self-interest aside, and helped others instead, for free.

it reminds me of a videoclip i saw during a daurah, of a kid in india. despite being just a small sized kid, he initiated the effort to move a tree that was blocking the traffic, when the adults were just complaining and whining while waiting for the rain to stop, and for someone else to move the tree.

the story of the boy touched me. when it was obvious he is not capable of moving the tree, not even one inch, he tried anyway. when people saw him, they felt ashamed, that they went to help him too. he inspired people.

we should be like the boy. being in a society where the youth are so into hedonisme, we should not give up. take urself out of it, and bring your friends too, though it seems impossible at first.

both judith and the indian kid inspire people, and change the society, when they themselves are handicapped.[physical and financial wise].these are the people who send a loud and clear message to people like us, "when theres a will, theres a way. stop making excuses".

something i said di bawah minda sedar yang suka di quote jiran2, "hidup ni tak boleh nak perfect sgt, nanti penat." in other words, kalau tunggu mahu jadi kaya billion2 atau hebat dengan ilmu dahulu baru berubah, sampai bila pun tidak akan capai level yang kita merasa cukup.

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